Buying antiques at an Auction can be a terrific source for some fantastic buys. Let us examine the advantages and disadvantages. First, here are a few of the pros. You can find some fantastic deals at auctions. You will see that about eighty percent of the audience at an antique auction is traders in the antiques industry. They are there to purchase inventory for their store or booth, so they are searching for items that they think they could at least double their cash. If it is something they could turn very quickly, they would not seem to double their money.


Items like gold, Silver or coins which may be turned very quickly will go quite near their retail value since these can be sold very fast. Therefore, if you do not know the worth of these, it is much better to prevent these items. Sit towards the rear of the auction so that you can see whose bidding. Usually you can spot the traders because they will be bidding on a lot of things. If you bid only more than what they bid, you will know you are most likely getting a fantastic deal auction hong kong. But purchase things that you really like, not things which are just a fantastic deal. What is a fantastic deal to a dealer may not be for you. Now, let is consider a few of the cons. Look at anything you are thinking about very carefully. Everything is sold as is, where is. That means if you did not see the crack in that case, too bad. As soon as they say, Sold! it is yours. Also do not get caught up in what I call auction fever.

Some folks get so carried away with the excitement of purchasing at auction they cover more than they could purchase the identical item at a store. It is the work of the auctioneer to get as much money for a product as he can get. If they were selling one of your things, you’d want them to do this for you. They attempt to create excitement so that you do not need to lose your thing. Make up your mind what your limit is for a specific item before the bidding begins. Then you would not get caught up in the excitement. It is not a win or lose situation, it is buying at a fantastic value. Nearly all auctions have a trailer time. The sooner you can preview the things, the better and visit If you see something you prefer, after you have examined it very attentively, do some Research either online or in a shop. Then you can be confident in what you are willing to bid. It can be an enjoyable experience if you are ready.